I Went to The Worst of Bars Hoping to Get killed...


By Ciáran Óg Arnold


I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed. But all I could do was to get drunk again


Published 2015 and donated by MACK


ISBN- 9781910164310

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    This is Ballinasloe, a sandstone town on the River Suck in the easternmost corner of Galway in Ireland, seen through the eyes of a native, Ciarán Óg Arnold. Within the rabble, Arnold trails after the cast-offs, invisible men who spend their time in murky corners, choosing to do nothing but drift and drink. Ballinasloe is a mouth; in Irish, mouth of the ford, mouth of the crowds. “We claim to hate it here”, writes Arnold, “but the truth is that we choose to stay, hiding from reality, drowning in drink and wanting to be left alone as we await whatever fate is in store.”

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